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As a healthcare service provider today you face an unprecedented challenge – balancing high-quality patient services with the evolving healthcare standards, increased government regulations, emerging e-business trends, rising patient expectations and a demand for lower healthcare costs.

Within the current dynamic economy healthcare affordability has witnessed a radical increase. On the other hand, governments have stepped up the regulatory requirements in order to maintain a greater standard of service. As a result, healthcare providers must stay abreast of competition that arises from affordability and handle the pressure that arises from regulations. This necessitates a streamlining of all business operations with the administrative and clinical services of the hospital.

Even so, healthcare providers have shied away from IT implementation for the fear of incurring costs, concerns about the feasibility of technology and fear of distraction from the core functions. There is disorganization in the industry as the healthcare providers do not wish to bring in technology integration at the cost of functional expertise in their vertical practices. brings you iHMiS – a unique web-based solution that addresses the needs of administrative, clinical and support service functions of your hospital. Our solution is customized to suit your requirements regardless of whether your facility is multi-sited or requires integration with e-health systems. This solution springs out of a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry. Our solution addresses the needs of the hospital management system allowing you to focus on your critical business.