Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions

Building insights with Business Intelligence design, implementation and extension.Today’s business runs on intelligence, not just information. From operational analysis to advanced forecasting and decision support, Business Intelligence systems span a wide range of needs and capabilities. Organizations who can leverage their BI platforms to empower business users with on-demand intelligence, support better analytics and deliver information just in time to the right view, the value of BI is tremendous.Enormous advantage

With a team of experienced BI consultants and highly-skilled BI engineers, we draw on the deep expertise of our professionals who have served as core development partners for industry leading software vendors like Oracle and SAP. Our Business Intelligence teams are staffed with people who know their tools, understand your business and your BI needs, and who will apply creative technology solutions to address specific needs.

Enormous offers

a)  Full life-cycle implementation where our team provides staffing and takes ownership of the project implementation
b)  BI Performance Optimization services
c)  Technology deployment services focused on infrastructure build-out and systems integration
d)  Mentored implementation projects that transition expertise and core knowledge to customer teams
e)  Enormous Global Delivery Model provides a unique blend of onsite and Offshore/NearShore delivery service
f)  Quick Start and Proof-of-Concept implementations of BI technologies

Our long-term relationships and extensive experience working with today’s leading BI platforms and vendors means we can tailor your solution for the systems and applications you already have in place, while helping build the BI blueprint of the future. Enormous consultants and engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of Business Intelligence, from Data Warehousing & Data Integration to Reporting, Analytics, Data Mining and Performance Management, leveraging tools developed by all of the leading BI solutions vendors. We can help you select solutions that optimally meet your needs and business goals, and can smoothly integrate into your IT landscape.

Enormous has developed a solid BI project delivery methodology covering all stages from Requirements Analysis, BI Implementation Strategy Planning, BI Product Selection to BI Product Complete Implementation. Enormous dedicated Business Intelligence Competency Center brings together diverse specialists who help our customers with product selection, solution architecture and planning.

Strive for better, not just cheaper. Recent studies show IM initiatives that seek to use information as a strategic weapon — rather than focusing only on cost reduction —

Look beyond cost savings: Improved decision making can provide cost savings in addition to other benefits, but those savings can be hard to quantify in a business case. Create an initial information strategy to help align the business requirements with any technology gaps – and a plan for closing them.
Design an architecture that can adapt to changes: Source applications and business requirements are constantly changing. The hardware, software and application architecture for BI should have the flexibility to adapt to these changes with managed effort. They must also be scalable to accommodate fluctuations in demand.
Business Model for information  (BMI): A BMI for the enterprise can be the glue that holds everything together – the information needed to manage the business.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for BI/DW Solutions:

Large-scale, timely movement of information sourced from disparate platforms.

Correctly designed integration hubs that typically support compliance activities.


Synthesize and communicate relevant information that can support effective analysis and decision making through graphical representation.

Enable users to gain insights via interactive dashboards.

Combine information from disparate sources and present a consolidated view with support for filtering and drilldown capabilities for analysis.